Core Business

At SpecLab we use smart analytical technologies that require few to none sample preparation.
We use figerprinting techniques and data science to optimize complex analytical processes in a scalable, economic and susteinable way.

Broad Analytical Solutions

Our analytical solutions mimic the reference method through machine learning over the great amount of information present in a firgerprint, like near infrared spectra, raman, x-ray fluorescence and libs. We use four steps in the development of the most adequate solution for the matrix+attribute of interest.

We select the most adequate analytical technology for the application (or combinations thereof)
We create a database with the samples analysed by the reference method.
We develop mathematical models (chemometrics) to mimic the reference method.
We connect the equipments to our Analytical Platform for results, Quality Control and Business Intelligence.

Our Equipments

In applications where the current available equipments don't meet the clients demmand, we have the expertise to develop custom equipments that already carry our technology onboard. The equipments below are examples of OEM NIR spectrometers encapsulated with a computer, touchscreen and chemometrics models. The first in the list is also an autosampler developed internally.

SpecScan S

Vis-NIR spectrometer coupled to an autosampler for great sample flow.

See application

SpecScan L

Portable NIR spectrometer for liquids with onboard chemometrics models.

See application

SpecScan R

Portable NIR spectrometer for solids with onboard chemometrics models.

See aplication

Analytical Platform

The results from all equipments are syncronized with our Analytical Platform. There, it is possible to get the big picture of the operation of each device in a customizable dashboard. With powerfull search filters and grouping new cards may be added to the main dashboard, making it easy the get information out of the dataset. These and other tools under development provide Business Intelligence. Some Quality Control tools are also available.

What can we do for you?

Do you seek to digitize your analytical methods?
Do you have fingerprinting equipments and want to get the most out of them? Get in touch!


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